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Is there any time limitation to my right to claim the refund of mortgage’s expenses?

In December 2016, through a Supreme Court Resolution, clauses known as «Mortgage’s Expenses” were declared an abusive banking practice. Since then, there has been an eternal discussion in the Provincial Courts about the right to claim reimbursement of set up costs for mortgaged loans and its statute of limitations, which has now been settled by the recent EU Court Resolution dated on April 22nd

Trusts and its effect in Spain in connection to the Spanish Inheritance Tax

For Spanish law, the trust is no longer that perfect unknown that it was, since there are already many resolutions that go through it and analyze its effects. However, the trust is still a figure difficult to fit into the Spanish legal framework so that many of the advantages that it may have in origin, are diluted outside its own jurisdiction, by entering in conflict with Roman legal systems.