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Strategic Asset and Liquidity Planning

This is your navigator and dashboard for your financial life journey! In a comprehensive dynamic view, all financial aspects of your situation and your goals are included. This allows complex decisions to be made in a well-founded manner. You receive genuine product-independent advice and permanently gain full control.

Independent Investment Advice

Tailor made investment advice, without conflict of interest, without product selling. This Service is just aiming to find the perfect diversification and strategy according to your goals, risk type and individual situation. The core is a scientifically fundamented World Portfolio, tailor made by Germanys ETF Manufacturer Honorarfinanz AG in Karlsruhe.

Asset Manager Mandate

Our individual wealth management services include maintaining your investment strategy and coaching your investment behavior. We help you to achieve maximum success over the long term with little time and in an unagitated manner. We can also arrange an «asset manager mandate“ for you.

Is buying real estate in Spain a good idea?

You have the dream of investing in a Spanish property, as it is for many of our clients?
Whether it is a wise investment decision for you or not really depends on your overall situation and life goals. And the real estate market in Mallorca and in Spain has some surprises and unforeseen risks to offer. A professional financial plan and clear investment strategy would give answers and the basis for decision making. Here is one problem:

Probably you’re always busy and time is the scarce resource. Or maybe you cannot or just simply don’t want to care for it yourself? Then you should hire a Financial Planner, who is forced even by law to act only in your best interest.
With a professional financial plan you’ll have the fundamentals for good financial decisions such as the financing strategy of a real estate investment, optimizing the overall risks and returns of your asset strategy or taking precautions, if a lack of liquidity or other risks may cause you trouble in the future.

Honorarfinanz AG is known from…

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Florian Zekert

The Financial Planner - Partner of Honorarfinanz AG

In the end Florian will be the perfect partner to organize a warm handover to other trusted specialists in the field of lawyers, mortgage brokers, tax advisors, insurance brokers and others. Like the head of your family office. He will make sure that you have a comfortable, professional and enjoyable experience, which we call financial wellness.

Florian Zekert as Partner of the Honorarfinanz AG is working for you as your personal independent financial advisor with BaFin-license and financial planner. Is the key person for the planning and calculation of your next smart investment decisions. He is guaranteed working in your best interest, because he isn’t allowed to take a Cent of Commissions from the financial industry.

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