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Real Estate Law.

Buy your property in Mallorca worry-free and safely! Our specialised lawyers in Mallorca advise you in detail on all things pertaining to the purchase
of properties in Spain. We accompany you throughout the entire purchase process. Not only that, we also deal with all your affairs derived from the ownership of a property in Spain and we help you again in case of a sale.

Spanish Company Law.

As one of Mallorca’s leading law firms, we have many years of experience in the establishment, management, and sale of companies in Mallorca, the mainland, and worldwide. Our specialised lawyers take care of capital increases, amendments to the Articles of Association, brands and patents, etc.

International Commercial Law.

We protect your interests! Whether you operate in Spain, within the European Union or worldwide.
We design your contracts as well as your terms and conditions.
Act on the safe side!


Francisco Llabrés Enseñat

Partner of LegalSteps

Xisco Llabrés is Mallorcan by birth. Although he has worked in Madrid and has also studied in Salzburg, his knowledge of Mallorcan and Spanish as his mother tongue, as well as his fluency in English and German, is a real asset.

Lawyer with more than twenty years of experience. Member number 3.847 of the Balearic Islands Bar Association since November 2000.

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